Proven Greases for Perfect Fit With Our Sealing Solutions

Silicone Grease® is the perfect solution for applications with high temperatures up to +200°C. Our high-performance silicone based translucent grease is typically used for dielectric insulation, surface protection, release and specialized lubrication. It shows a very good resistance against tracking and corona discharge and makes surfaces resistant to water. In addition, it prevents that machined surfaces stick to gaskets and acts as electrical insulator.

Magnalube®-G teflon grease is mainly used for extreme conditions in regards of temperatures up to +288°C, loads to 7,000 psi, chemicals and wear within heavy machinery and precision equipment. In addition, it protects against rust in moist environments. In general, it provides a six times better performance than conventional grease.

These items are only available at locations in Australia.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Needs

Out of Two Product Variants

  • Silicone grease® is available in 100g, 1kg and 4.5kg tubs.
  • Magnalube®-G teflon grease: is available in numerous tub sizes.

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