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Radial Shaft Seals

Sealing of Rotating Machine Elements Such as Shafts, Hubs and Axles

Radial shaft seals are used to seal rotating axles and shafts against media from inside or against contaminants from outside. Typical areas of application are drive technology, gearbox construction, electric motors, pumps, agricultural and construction machinery, and the wind power industry. The selection of the correct design depends on the application and the prevailing operating conditions (media, temperature, circumferential speed of the shaft and pressure). Standard designs are offered with an elastomeric or metallic outer sheath. Many designs are also available with a protective lip that additionally seals against dirt from the outside. Other designs, such as double sealing lip, sealing lip with twist as well as grooved outer sheath are available upon request.

The Dichtomatik product brand portfolio offers very high availability of dimensions and variants of radial shaft seals from stock. In addition, customer-specific developments are possible.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Numerous different product variants
  • Special designs with protective sealing lip
  • Good lifetime
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for many industrial applications

Important note: Dichtomatik products comply with common industrial standards and therefore are suitable for many applications excluding safety-critical ones like Automotive. Premium Freudenberg products are the right choice for all applications ensuring highest quality and safety standards and therefore optimal total cost of ownership.

Rotational Radial Shaft Seals Content 1000x1000

Chose the Right Product

Out of Three Types

  • WA: elastomer outer sheath provides very good static sealing to the housing
  • WB: metal outer sheath enables a tight and precise fit in the mounting bore
  • WC: metallic outer sheath with additional metal reinforcement for increased rigidity
All basic designs are also available with an additional protective lip S.
In general, the radial shaft seal is designed for a pressure range of 0 to max. 0.5 bar. These are available as standard in NBR (-40 to +80 °C – briefly +100 °C) and FKM (-25 to +150 °C).

Visit our e-Catalog to get an overview of the whole product range of radial shaft seals of the Dichtomatik brand.

Please note that resistances, pressures and temperatures are mutually influenced by various parameters.

Cassette Seal

Cassette Seals

Sealing of Grease and Oil on Machine Elements

Cassette seals are highly rigid seals where the inner body forms a grease-filled labyrinth. The seal has several sealing and dirt lips (radial and axial), and the primary sealing lip is spring energized. The grease filling reduces wear, increases the lifespan, and extends the intervals between maintenance. Cassette seals contain a fully pre-treated seal running surface, so the shaft doesn’t need to be specially hardened or grounded. With cassette seals being encapsulated and rigid they are typically used in heavy-duty applications and dirty environments such as material handling equipment, agricultural, forestry, construction machinery, and more. Cassette seals are available in FKM and NBR upon request. 

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reliable protection against dirt, mud, water, and dust
  • No additional dirt seals are required
  • Robust sealing system
  • Good lifetime
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for many industrial applications

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Premium products and individual sealing solutions of the Freudenberg brand are the perfect choice for any application. Uncompromising quality (0-defect strategy) and excellent performance ensure full safety and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).

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