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Rod Seals Header

Rod Seals

Dynamic and Static Sealing of the Piston Rod Towards the Cylinder

Rod seals are used for sealing of retracting and extending cylinder rods. This prevents the pressurized process media from escaping from the cylinder. In addition, the cylinder is reliably protected against dirt, dust or any fluids. Due to the wide range of requirements in hydraulic applications, such as pressure, pressure peaks, sliding speeds, temperatures, and process media, choosing the right rod seal is very important. The Dichtomatik product brand portfolio offers a wide range of elastomer and thermoplastic rod seals, such as the N, S, SNI, SDS, SPOR series. Typical applications for Dichtomatik rod seals are hydraulic cylinders in mobile hydraulics, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and presses.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Broad product and material portfolio
  • Temperature and media resistant
  • Very good wear characteristics, reduced friction and therefore good lifetime
  • No stick-slip-effect
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical profiles
  • Special designs for high loads
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for many industrial applications

Important note: Dichtomatik products comply with common industrial standards and therefore are suitable for many applications excluding safety-critical ones like Automotive. Premium Freudenberg products are the right choice for all applications ensuring highest quality and safety standards and therefore optimal total cost of ownership.

Rod Seals

Choose the Right Product

Out of Four Types

  • N series: Symmetrical U-ring which can be used as piston or rod seal
  • SNI series: Asymmetrical U-ring with inner dynamic sealing lip 
  • SPOR series: Combination of a PTFE-bronze sealing element and an O-ring (NBR) as pre-tensioning element
  • S72: Wear and extrusion resistant TPU sealing element with a POM back-up ring

Please note that resistances, pressures and temperatures are mutually influenced by various parameters.

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    Rod Seals

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Product Portfolio

Sealing products setting benchmarks

Premium products and individual sealing solutions of the Freudenberg brand are the perfect choice for any application. Uncompromising quality (0-defect strategy) and excellent performance ensure full safety and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).

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