Pumps Compressors

Pump and Compressor Construction

Detailed Know-How for Construction of Pumps and Compressors

While pumps transport all kinds of liquids, compressors convey compressible substances. Dichtomatik brand products are especially suitable for applications like municipal services equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning, agricultural and oil industry components, food and beverage pumps including the special hygiene demands as well as chemical and pharmaceutical components including aggressive media. In addition, to the specific demands of those applications, it is also important to comply with environmental standards and strict environmental regulations. The entire product portfolio includes radial seals (also pressurized and friction-reduced versions and cassette seals), static seals like O-Rings, X-Rings, round cords and profile seals; hydraulic seals like piston and rod seals as well as custom molded solutions tailored to your needs.

Pumps Compressors

Extensive Product Portfolio for Numerous Pumps and Compressors

The range of different sealing products are especially suited for the following pump and compressor types

  • Rotary lobe pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Gear pumps
  • Screw pumps
  • Vacuum pumps and many others
  • Piston compressors
  • Turbo compressors
  • Screw compressors
  • Medium-/High-pressure compressors
  • Compressor blocks

Since pumps and compressors are used in a variety of applications, the expectations placed on the sealed materials in this case are incredibly high.

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